Affordable Housing Cafe


Our Community Leadership Development Program is at the core of what we do at LWR. That’s why we call it our Core Program. We encourage, empower, enable and equip participants through a 10-month practical and experiential learning program so they are ready to take on leadership roles in Waterloo Region.

Once again, LWR is partnering with The Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience (WISIR) at the University of Waterloo and Wellbeing Waterloo Region. WISIR brings community stakeholders together around a complex problem and involves students in working through a process designed to breed systems innovation.

Through the teaching and facilitation from WISIR, this year’s class will collectively take on one issue as identified by Wellbeing Waterloo Region: Affordable Housing.

Through a fulsome, investigation, systems impacting affordable housing in our community will be examined to develop a set of strategies, recommendations and solutions that will be shared with the Wellbeing Waterloo Region Affordable Housing network who will then collaboratively work to implement and activate them. During the first phase of the work with WISIR, the class is required to capture information and feedback from community partners and those with lived experience relating to affordable housing. One such method of collecting this information will be through this Affordable Housing World Café!



We are thrilled to share that we, through Zoom will be hosting our second virtual World Café on Affordable Housing on Thursday, October 22nd, 2020 from 8:45am-12:00pm. We recognize that three hours is a long time to participate in a Zoom session, so the event will be structured in such a way to allow several bio/stretching breaks throughout the morning, and it's a BOYB event - bring your own brew of tea or coffee!

Representatives from many different sectors, including social services, housing, social inclusion and public service are invited to participate to ensure that a diverse perspective is captured. Resources will be collected and shared with all the participants.

While meeting via Zoom might not be ideal, it does provide us one unique advantage. Our previous restrictions on capacity at our in*person cafe are no longer a barrier, as we can open the registration for the session to as many attendees as are able to join us! Those from a variety of sectors and with lived experience are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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